CapitolWatch’s Ongoing Mission

CapitolWatch believes that individualism, freedom and prosperity are best achieved through a government limited in both size and scope. CapitolWatch understands that “sunlight is the greatest disinfectant” in a free society. CapitolWatch knows this requires a united effort and seeks to work with individuals and organizations across political and ideological spectrums who share common values and beliefs to bring Americans together as one voice to expose unnecessary federal regulations, wasteful government spending and punitive tax policy.

CapitolWatch: Working for America

CapitolWatch – a non-profit grassroots organization with over 250,000 supporters nationwide – lobbies Congress on behalf of all America taxpayers. CapitolWatch is dedicated to defending American taxpayers from higher taxes and wasteful spending.

Originally established in 1984 – during the Cold War – as a pro-defense lobby, CapitolWatch has evolved into a forceful advocate for taxpayers’ rights. With the help of its over 250,000 supporters, CapitolWatch serves as an influential voice for taxpayers in Washington.

How CapitolWatch Works

CapitolWatch lobbies Congress and the Executive Branch on issues concerning its over 250,000 supporters. CapitolWatch helps Members of Congress recruit support for proposed legislation and works with lawmakers to stop harmful proposals.