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National Debt

Score One for Limited Government

  • January 24, 2011

    The House of Representatives has taken a historic step for every American citizen and has repealed the President’s Healthcare Bill. According to the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office this sweeping legislation will increase the federal budget deficit by over $550 billion in the first ten years of the law and then by $1.4 trillion in the following ten years. It also includes a slew of taxes which will have a punishing effect on every family, small business owner, and senior in America.

    We commend the House for passing this repeal by a vote of 245-189. It strikes a hard fought blow to the idea of limitless government and is a win for limited government. The work to roll back the expansionist government agenda of the past two years does not stop here. We must work to stop the rules and regulations being legislated by government bureaucrats at agencies like the Environment Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service. We must also begin to address the mounting costs of our bloated government and the army of worker bees which feed it. But today is the first step. It must not be our last.

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