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National Debt

A Victory for Fiscal Responsibility

  • November 04, 2010

    Prior to this week’s election, CapitolWatch called on Americans to vote for candidates who would reign in the reckless spending and put an end to the mounting federal debt in Washington. At a time when every American – men, women, and children included – owe $42,000 in debt each, it was time for a change. A change to the way Washington does business and a change to the way our tax dollars are spent. Americans heeded that call last night.

    Today, as the results are still being tabulated, candidates committed to that change have been elected to office. This is the first step in a long march towards a sustainable and manageable federal government. However, both parties own portions of the political process – the Democrats have the Senate and the White House, while Republicans control the House of Representatives. By having to share power, parties can easily slide away from their duties and towards the ease of political bickering. They should be mindful that the American people will not stand for inaction at a time that calls for swift movement.

    CapitolWatch will be monitoring these new and returning Members of Congress. We cannot trust these individuals to mind the till on their own. They must re-earn the trust of the people who have placed them in office, and we intend to hold them to their campaign statements.

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