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National Debt

Ways and Means

  • June 30, 2009

    As the president's first term has rolled by, it has become apparent that the real power of the purse lies with Congress, and they don't appear to be willing to change their spending ways anytime soon.

    Regardless of the party in power in either the White House or Congress, you can be assured that there will be massive levels of spending, often for things most citizens would deem wasteful, because that is how Members of Congress remain Members of Congress.

    Cutting wasteful, outdated, and outmoded programs is every candidates' dream until they are elected and suddenly rely on the financial support of the people representing those wasteful, outdated, and outmoded programs.

    Not only do these cuts in wasteful spending hurt fund raising, but they can also hurt the electorate by eliminating jobs providing the wasteful services, which is even more reason for politicians to keep the status quo.

    Predictably, there has been a great deal of whining, much of which had been absent prior to the current administration, about about the level of spending by the government,. While the whiners are doing so merely to complain, they do have a valid point, if not a reason.

    Our nation is spending far too much money and collecting exponentially less, which has sent our national debt into the trillions of dollars. It is important though to remember that every single dollar that is spent for purposes worthwhile or otherwise is approved by Congress, and both parties have been at the helm for spending binges that have left our nation on fiscally shaky ground.

    The recent bailouts (one each by both presidents Bush and Obama) run counter-intuitive to our style of economy, but such an argument is difficult to make when it's your job that's being saved or your house that you don't have to foreclose on because you can't afford to pay the mortgage. While these programs have at times gone too far and bailed out some of the wrong people and groups, that is what happens in Washington and should have come as no surprise to those familiar with the current system.

    What is required is difficult decision making that will be unpopular with special interest groups and those with deep pockets. If history is any sort of teacher, our elected officials will fail spectacularly and we will continue our descent into fiscal disrepair.

    We urge all of our members and readers to remind their elected officials that all the special interest money in the world is not going to secure your vote, and to do what is right instead of what is easy.

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