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National Debt

CapitolWatch Resources

Track Congressional Legislation

To learn more about legislation found elsewhere in this website or received from CapitolWatch through the mail, please visit THOMAS, the online catalogue of the Library of Congress, for detailed information such as bill sponsors, titles, full descriptions, and status (updated daily).
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Who's Paying YOUR Politician?

Think your representative or senator takes an unusually high interest in something and are curious why? Find out who's been funding your politician's campaign (select Member and choose "Top Contributors" from top-left choices).
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E-mail Fact Check

Receive an e-mail story regarding an important topic such as Social Security/ FICA or other legislation or government related issue? Check it for validity before sending. False information hurts us all!
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Guide to Congress

Want to write to Congress? Sending an email about legislation you think is important? Read this helpful guide before starting to ensure that your effort has the maximum effect!
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