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National Debt

Social Security

  • Social Security Pays Millions to Dead People

    January 20, 2016

    According to an audit by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Office of Inspector General (OIG), the SSA has paid at least 740 dead people $17.1 million in benefits.

  • CapitolWatch Petitions Speaker Boehner & White House on Taxes, Benefits

    September 25, 2013

    CapitolWatch, with over 250,000 supporters across the country has sent petitions to House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama asking for tax simplification and continued support for Social Security benefits. Recent reports have shown that up to 43 percent of Americans did not pay income taxes last year. Simplifying the tax code would both increase participation in the tax system and boost the economy.

  • Saving Social Security

    June 13, 2010

    The Social Security program is facing a well-publicized cash flow issue in the coming years, and actually will be paying out more this year than it is taking in, well ahead of the 15-20 years most thought it would take for this to occur.

  • Opposing the President's Extension of Economic Recovery Payments

    October 15, 2009

    The president's request for additional funds not offset by higher taxes or budget cuts is an ill-advised plan that neither helps enough to be worth the costs, nor costs so little that the amount is negligible.

  • Effect of Unemployment on Social Security

    April 06, 2009

    With the latest unemployment numbers coming in at 8.5%, or 13 million unemployed, the loss in work hours not only affects the economy via a decrease in purchasing power, but also the viability of Social Security.

  • Social Security Fix: Higher Taxes or Reduced Benefits

    September 24, 2007

    The president’s administration today released a report on the future of social security with the principal findings being that in order to ensure its continued solvency, taxes on benefits would either need to increase or benefits be reduced.