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National Debt

Current Issues

  • Earmarks/ Lobbying

    Congress has a bad habit of spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on pet-projects that benefit few outside of their home districts. CapitolWatch is fighting to stop this practice, known as "pork" spending or "earmarking", and reminds all supporters that the reason we have higher taxes than we should is because of wasteful spending in Washington, DC.

  • Government Waste

    The main reason that taxes are higher than they need to be is because of the wanton disregard for how OUR tax dollars are spent by the politicians WE elect. Fiscal responsibility truly does equal lower taxes!

  • Immigration

    CapitolWatch understands that America is a nation founded, built, and sustained by immigrants from all over the world, however opposes the access to privileges by those who come here illegally or for malicious purposes.

  • National Debt

    The U.S. national debt is at a staggering all-time high, with a large portion of it being owned by China and other foreign countries. Every year Congress quietly raises the debt ceiling (the amount of money the U.S. can borrow without defaulting) and puts the country's financial security at greater risk. It is time to balance our books and take whatever action is needed to get our debt under control.

  • Net Neutrality

    The internet has always been an open environment that is free-flowing, promotes growth and development, and ensures that all users have the same capabilities. CapitolWatch supports net neutrality and is working to ensure that the internet doesn't become a toll road where internet providers can tax at will and choke off access to services.

  • Other

    Odds and ends of the website.

  • Privacy Rights

    CapitolWatch supports greater protections for taxpayers to keep their personal identifying information private when given to the government or third parties assisting with a governmental transaction.

  • Social Security

    Social Security still potentially faces a crisis when hordes of baby-boomers begin to retire en mass. If you expect to receive Social Security benefits 40 years from now, the system needs structural help that will ensure solvency for generations to come.

  • Taxes

    Taxes, while unpopular, are necessary for the functioning of our government and our lives as we know them. Smart tax policy though, keeps more money in consumers' hands while providing revenue to maintain and improve our country.