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National Debt

More Tax Dollars Down the Drain

  • November 05, 2008

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated Wednesday that she is working to bring about a second stimulus package to help stimulate the shaky U.S. economy, which asides from being proven not to work, will cost the government tens of billions of dollars that it doesn't have.

    The first stimulus package that was signed off on cost the government $15 billion that it didn't have and had little to no effect after the initial burst of spending by consumers.  This next round, if it passes, promises more of the same results with more of the same debt.

    Congress is ill equipped intellectually to make financial policy (as demonstrated by the $800 billion Wall Street bailout) and in playing God with the economy, applies unnatural forces to an already delicate situation, often causing more harm than good.

    There is nothing that will correct the economy except time, and this fact is lost upon our elected officials whom feel that they and only they are America's best hope of making our lives better.  To the contrary, government's role should be much more limited than it currently is as our nation continues to function despite these officials, not because of them.

    With a lame-duck session of congress not scheduled until November 17, we as a nation have a little over a week to contact our elected officials, even those not returning in January, and Speaker Pelosi and convince them that adding more debt to our nation's balance books for a short-term economic boost is neither an equitable nor effective strategy.

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