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National Debt

Wasted Taxpayer Dollars in Farm Country

  • December 15, 2007

    The Senate approved a farm bill that would provide government subsidies to farmers earning up to $2.5 million after expenses, rejecting an amendment to lower the cutoff amount to $750,000 (in case you were wondering, $750,000 is 15 times the 2006 median household income).

    What this means is that farmers making almost 52 times what the average household makes are receiving government money courtesy of politicians WE elected. Granted, most are from farming areas pandering to their constituents and both parties are to blame for this situation, but it is difficult to imagine that this money could not be better spent elsewhere, especially during a global war and with a ballooning deficit.

    Perhaps, too, it doesn’t help that one of the most active farming states is Iowa, a critical early primary state in which politicians consistently espouse the benefits of farm subsidies of all kinds and colors lest they find themselves down in the polls.

    If farmers (or anyone, for that matter) feels that they should receive taxpayer money after earning $2.5 million in profit and politicians agree, then those politicians should lobby to raise their state taxes to provide that money out of local funds, and not saddle their unreasonable requests on an already over-burdened federal budget.

    While unlikely, one can’t help but hope that someday we’ll see honest people run for and get elected to office who are grounded in reason and common sense instead of career politicians who merely smile and tell you what they think you want to hear while picking your pockets. After all, a politicians’ primary goal, regardless of party, is to get re-elected.

    Or maybe we, the voters, will someday see past the fog of both political parties and stop believing everything we are told and demand real answers to real problems.

    While the later options are mere wishful thinking considering honest people tend to stay away from politics and voters are much happier being told what to think than actually doing it, there is still hope: contact your senator and representative and tell them that you, too, oppose providing multi-millionaires with your taxpayer money.

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