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National Debt

Fiscal Responsibility = Lower Taxes

  • August 07, 2007

    For a number of years now this idea has been a key component of the philosophy, but at no time since has it been more obvious and relevant.

    As most people are aware, there was a bridge collapse in Minnesota that has lead many citizens (nearly 6 in 10 according to a recent USA TODAY/Gallup poll) to believe that the U.S. infrastructure has serious problems.

    While it has been estimated that it would cost approximately $461 billion to resolve the backlog of the nation’s infrastructure problems, instead of raising taxes to solve the problem, as was suggested by one Republican representative, Congress should instead reign in its own gluttonous spending of taxes ALREADY COLLECTED for this cause.

    In 2005, Congress siphoned off and spent over $24 billion of the funds allocated in the Transportation Bill for earmarks ("pork" projects). While some of these projects were for structural projects (such as repairing bridges), there were many more dedicated to non-critical tasks such as adding landscape enhancements and constructing boardwalks for pedestrians.

    Taxes are an issue that almost all rail against, but unfortunately, we need in order to maintain our standards of life and our nation. You don’t work for free, and neither do the police, fire fighters, and trash collectors. As materials and labor increase in costs, it is only reasonable to pay more in the form of taxes in order to cover the growing expenses. However, it is inappropriate for increased taxes to be a first line of revenue when clearly there is a significant amount that just needs to be better spent.

    CapitolWatch continues, and urges its members to continue, to fight government waste in every form and remember that while taxes need to increase to keep in line with costs, they’d increase a whole lot less if our politicians were more responsible with our money.

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