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National Debt

Rampant Wasting of Taxpayer Dollars in Iraq

  • February 15, 2007

    Through faulty contracts, negligent oversight, and shoddy workmanship, billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being wasted on contract projects throughout Iraq; an on-going problem with no end in sight.

    The General Accounting Office (GAO) report on the subject specifically points out that

    "poorly defined or changing requirements, the use of poor business arrangements, the absence of senior leadership and guidance, and an insufficient number of trained contracting, acquisition and other personnel to manage, assess and oversee contractor performance"

    have all contributed to the excessive costs and waste in Iraq.

    While the war in Iraq may be unpopular on many fronts, it is abhorrent that even MORE of our tax dollars are being spent building Olympic-size swimming pools and providing custom trailers for a Baghdad police academy.

    CapitolWatch encourages all of its members, regardless of your opinion on the war in Iraq, to contact and demand greater oversight from their elected officials and help stop the deluge of our tax dollars being needlessly wasted.

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