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National Debt

Troops on Border having an immediate effect

  • June 20, 2006

    The first week of National Guard support on the U.S. – Mexican border brought about a 21% decrease in the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border. According to the Associated Press, detentions along the U.S. – Mexican border decreased to 26,944, in the first 10 days of June, compared with 34,077 for the same period a year ago.

    "Only a handful of the National Guard have been stationed on the border and we are already seeing the benefits," said Steve Ralls, Executive Director of CapitolWatch. "We fully expect the number of illegal crossings will continue to decrease as the number of troops on the border increases."

    The Senate and House of Representatives are still working on immigration reform legislation, with the House focusing on enforcement and the Senate proposing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. According to Ralls, "Obviously enforcement is the key to stemming the flood of illegal immigrant making their way into our country. CapitolWatch hopes that the results we are already seeing on the border will prompt our elected officials to break the immigration gridlock and pass meaningful immigration reform."

    CapitolWatch is a non-profit grassroots organization with over 250,000 supporters nationwide. The group lobbies Congress on behalf of all American taxpayers. In addition to securing America’s borders, CapitolWatch is dedicated to defending American taxpayers from higher taxes and wasteful spending.

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