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National Debt

White House sending National Guard to the Border

  • May 17, 2006

    CapitolWatch is pleased that the Administration is planning to place National Guard troops at the border to aid in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States. "The addition of 6,000 Guards to our southern border is a good start, but we hope that more will follow. We must make an immediate statement that illegal immigration must be stopped – once and for all," said Steve Ralls, Executive Director of CapitolWatch.

    While the announcement by President Bush on Monday that he plans to send National Guard troops to the southern border is being praised by most, his call for a "Guest Worker Program" is receiving far less support. The Senate’s failure to pass an amendment offered by Senator John Isakson (R-GA) that would ensure the securing of America’s border before considering a Guest Worker Program, is also being seen as a significant loss and will only perpetuate the situation.

    "The belief that securing our borders and a guest worker program have to be done at the same time is nonsense," said Ralls. "The two issues were tied together the last time immigration reform was attempted and all the American public got was Amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants and an even more porous border. The irresponsibility of Congress and past Administrations has created the intolerable situation we find ourselves in."

    Whatever type of bill is passed by the Senate, it will be quite different from the bill already passed by the House of Representatives. What is finally sent to the President will be developed in Conference Committee. Meanwhile the flood of immigrants continues.

    CapitolWatch is a non-profit grassroots organization with over 250,000 supporters nationwide. The group lobbies Congress on behalf of all American taxpayers. In addition to securing America’s borders, CapitolWatch is dedicated to defending American taxpayers from higher taxes and wasteful spending.

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