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National Debt

The Green Jobs Stimulus Failure

  • June 25, 2012

    Much has been made of the waste fraud and abuse that has taken place in the President’s near trillion dollar stimulus program, but it appears some jobs were actually created. The only catch is that they cost millions of dollars each to create. A highly inefficient and ineffective use of taxpayer dollars. The Obama administration distributed $9 billion in stimulus funds to solar and wind projects throughout 2009-11 that directly created 910 annual operation and maintenance jobs. That means those jobs cost, in the end, about $9.8 million each to create.

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (EREL) tracked the grant program from since it began in 2009 through Nov. 10, 2011. Its report is entitled; Preliminary Analysis of the Jobs and Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy Projects Supported by the 1603 Treasury Grant Program outlines expenditures and goals that were met through the program’s lifecycle. The 1603 program offered “renewable energy project developers a one-time cash payment” to reduce theneed for green energy companies “to secure tax equity partners” and also help them to achieve “the near term goal of creating and retaining jobs’ in the renewable energy sector.”

    While the goal of creating new sectors for economic development in our country is laudable, they should not be directed by the government or come at the expense of millions of taxpayer’s dollars per job. CapitolWatch urges voters to take a hard look at the type of government this suggests – one which directs and controls the economy rather than one which simply monitors and regulates it appropriately.

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