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National Debt

Senator Releases Report on Government Waste

  • January 07, 2012

    The year for Americans as well as for our Government has ended. One in December and the other in September. This fiscal year our government almost out did itself and posted the second largest deficit in our history – a whopping $1.299 trillion. Just where did all of that money go though? Certainly half went towards paying entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Another portion went towards paying just the interest on our debt. Our government also funded vital programs mandated by the Constitution like Defense.

    However, billions of dollars went towards other programs of seemingly dubious value. This week, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released his “Wastebook 2011.” The report highlights over “$6.5 billion in examples of some of the most egregious ways your taxpayer dollars were wasted. This report details 100 of the countless unnecessary, duplicative and low-priority projects spread throughout the federal government,” according to his office.

    Just what aresome of those expenditures? Here’s a sample:

    • $75,000 to promote awareness about the role Michiganplays in producing Christmas trees & poinsettias.

    • $15.3 million for one of the infamous Bridges toNowhere in Alaska.

    • $113,227 for video game preservation center in NewYork.

    • $550,000 for a documentary about how rock musiccontributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    • $48,700 for 2nd annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival, topromote Hawaii’s chocolate industry.

    • $350,000 to support an International Art Exhibition inVenice, Italy.

    • $10 million for a remake of “Sesame Street” forPakistan.

    • $35 million allocated for political party conventionsin 2012.

    • $765,828 to subsidize “pancakes for yuppies” in thenation’s capital.

    • $764,825 to study how college students use mobile devicesfor social networking.

    You can read more about what your Government has spent money on in thereport here:

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