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National Debt

A Not so Perfect State of the Union

  • January 26, 2011

    Last night the President employed a lot of lofty rhetoric, and played a lot of lip service to the idea of deficit reduction. Too bad he fell well short of target. His call to freeze government spending at the Fiscal Year 2011 level is the height of irresponsibility. That means we would maintain the reckless out of control spending of the last 4 years, and not reduce it at all. The increase over those years? 19% or $1.1 trillion, which has been spent on the backs of our children and grandchildren and financed by overseas interests like China.

    The time has come for government to get serious about its spending addiction. The American people called for an intervention in November. The time has come for full on rehab. This means tough decisions about the commitments our country has to entitlements and other fixed spending. We can not simply ignore the growth that has pervaded over the years in this area. Without immediate across the board action we will continue to fall deeper into debt, while our nation's leaders keep giving high flying speeches.

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