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National Debt

Lame Duck Could be Last Chance for Lame Ideas

  • November 12, 2010

    Next week Congress returns to Washington. Amongst those returning in the House are 63 who will not be in the 112th Congress convening in January. These 63 coupled with a defiant Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a newly emboldened Harry Reid in the Senate has the ability to flex their legislative muscle without any recourse from the American people. A number of controversial legislative initiatives are still on the calendar including: Card Check, the DREAM Act, the DISCLOSE Act, and many others.

    Those who were not reelected by their constituents, as well as all returning Members of Congress must listen to the American people. On Election Day they yelled “STOP!” This 1 month Lame Duck session should not be used as overtime in an already lost game. Legislators should only act on those bills which desperately need to be passed prior to January 1st: extension of the Bush era tax cuts for all Americans and a continuing resolution funding our government. 
    When the 112th Congress does convene in January, they will have the responsibility to do the truly heavy lifting –ending the reckless spending which expands our budget deficit and adds to our debt. This is not the time to see which proverbial straw or item of new spending will in fact break the camel’s back. Congress must listen to the people now, and begin to do the hard work of righting our fiscal ship in January.
    Call your Member of Congress and tell them “No more spending in the lame duck session.”
    -          U.S. House of Representatives: (202) 225-3121
    -          U.S. Senate: (202) 224-3121

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