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National Debt

Health Reform Estimates are Here

  • March 18, 2010

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan government group responsible for analysis of budgetary decisions, announced today that the proposed health care reform legislation, at this time, would cost over $200 billion by 2019, but with new revenue and savings from the program, would erase $1.2 trillion from the national debt by 2030.

    While this is a highly partisan issue at this point and one that CapitolWatch has not commented on, CapitolWatch is inclined to support measures that reduced the government's debt and end its dependence on borrowed money, especially from countries which seem more at odds with our nation everyday.

    Based on the information that is available and provided by the CBO, a non-partisan government agency, the health care reform initiative studied is a fiscally sound program with the potential to reduce our debt, even with the associated costs.

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