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National Debt

Which Came First?

  • July 31, 2009

    An article in the Washington Post highlights an unsettling correlation involving the actions of "Blue Dog" Democrats and financial contributions from the drug and healthcare industries.

    Fighting against the proposed healthcare legislation in the House, members of the Blue Dog coalition worked to reduce the impact of the legislation in most ways that were advocated for by the drug and healthcare industries, such as a public insurance option.

    At the same time, this bloc has seen its coffers filled with money from the same industries, and is on a record pace for fund raising this year.

    This type of relationship, benign or otherwise, reeks of impropriety and at best, makes all involved appear guilty of quid pro quo. In Washington, where appearance is about 99% of reality, this bodes poorly for both the Blue Dogs as well as the healthcare industries actively trying to water down any legislation for their financial benefit.

    We would encourage the Blue Dogs, as well as any Member of Congress, to make sure there is no appearance of impropriety and to not accept contributions from parties involved in legislation in which you are actively participating.


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