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National Debt

U.S. Tax Dollars Funding Pakistani Nukes?

  • May 18, 2009

    As reported in The New York Times, members of Congress have been briefed on reports that Pakistan, mired in political and religious turmoil, is adding to its nuclear arsenal raising concerns that billions of U.S. Aid dollars are being siphoned off to pay for the new weapons.

    Pakistan has the highest concentration of terrorist in the world at this moment and the ruling party has a flimsy grasp on control of the country.  The previous president of Pakistan installed himself after a successful military coup, and highlights the international concern over such an unstable country amassing even more nuclear weapons as well as the means to produce them.

    Just as mortifying is the specter that Pakistan has been able to build its nuclear infrastructure with U.S. tax dollars given for other programs, mainly humanitarian.  Pakistan receives almost $1 billion every year in U.S. Aid, and that isn't including military aid, which reaches into the billions all on its own.

    It is unconscionable that we are setting the foundation for another attack on the U.S. down the road through our actions today.

    Afghanistan was a country that we both armed and subsidized heavily decades ago.  The U.S. sent its best weapons and resources to help Afghans defeat the Soviet army, however, unintentionally supplied the people we are fighting there today with both supplies and training.

    A Pakistan that falls, much like Afghanistan did, into extremist control would provide such extremist with an instant nuclear arsenal and plenty of targets.  Worse, such a government could sell the technology or materials to third parties which could easily launch small attacks with devastating consequences; the only “weapon of mass destruction” used on September 11, 2001 was a box cutter -- imagine a nuclear suitcase bomb instead.

    We strongly encourage our readers to contact the elected officials in Washington and demand stricter oversight of foreign aid dollars to ensure that OUR tax dollars are not being used on programs that put OUR country at risk.

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