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National Debt

Omnibus: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

  • March 06, 2009

    The federal omnibus encompassing several spending bills is full of earmarks, approximately 8,500 of them, but both the democrats and republicans each own about half each.

    While the major opponents of the legislation are republican, there are only five senators without any earmarks in the omnibus bill and only 43 representatives without any earmarks.  Just as a reminder, there are 100 members in the Senate and 435 members in the House of Representatives.

    Clearly, neither party has any standing when it comes to earmark reduction and for any member cashing in on taxpayer dollars to complain about wasteful spending is nothing more than lip service and pandering to the masses.

    While writing earmarks is within the authority of Congress and is an important means to fund projects which may not otherwise receive it, there clearly needs to be some sort of restraint among both parties to make sure that any money spent on these items is done so free of outside influence and with much deliberation.  It is dubious that such a standard (or any standard at all) was followed, which is how there came to be 8,500 earmarks in this bill.

    The full breakdown of all of the earmarks can be found at the Taxpayers for Common Sense website, which breaks them down by earmark, chamber, and spending bill.  CapitolWatch has further sorted both the House and Senate lists by member, which can be found by following the links below.

    We encourage all of our members and readers to contact their elected officials and demand that there be some control or self-restraint to end the wanton spending of our tax dollars and excoriate any member who denounces such spending while reaping its reward.

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