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National Debt

Connecting the Dots

  • February 27, 2009

    For the first time in memory, a resolution has been put forth to finally create true transparency in the world of lobbying and earmarks.

    With the recent FBI investigation into the PMA Group and their dealings specifically with Rep. John Murtha (PA) regarding potential quid pro quo scenarios, Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ) offered a resolution forcing the House Ethics Committee to determine the relationship and timing between campaign contributions to members and earmarks by the members on behalf of those contributing.  Not surprisingly, the House tabled the resolution.

    This directive would have given the House Ethics Committee the ability and responsibility of connecting the dots in the often-questionable worlds of lobbyists and earmarks, shedding light on the true connections between the two and most likely, resulting in reductions of both.

    As long as there are large amounts of money in politics, politicians will be bought and taxpayer dollars will be wasted.  Since the money doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the next best method to keep the pols and their backers honest is to force them to operate openly and above-board for full inspection in the public's eye.

    We fully support Rep. Flake's initiative and encourage all of our members to push their representatives to support the measure and get it back on the House schedule.

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