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National Debt

The More Things Change...

  • February 06, 2009

    As is very well detailed in a Washington Post Op-Ed piece, President Obama has become mired in the thick, inescapable mud of Washington and is at risk of defaulting on many of his campaign promises and ideals of “change”.

    From administration picks which didn’t pay taxes despite having accountants to depending on the terminally inept House of Representatives to draft a stimulus plan, President Obama has seemingly lost the reins of control and needs to assert his authority and right the already listing ship that is his presidency.

    The stimulus plan, while voted on by Congress, should have been dictated by the president to the House since it is going to have his name on it and since he is the leader of the majority party, much as President Bush was during his time in office.  This simple act alone would have bypassed all of the junk legislation that is wasting billions of dollars on non-economy related spending and holding up the plan in both chambers of Congress.

    Instead of a smooth start and quick passage of his most important projects, President Obama is at risk of having perhaps the roughest first 100 days in recent history.  This fate could’ve easily been avoided by better managing the processes that will decide his first term, and perhaps, if there will be a second.

    The time for firm, decisive leadership is now; delegating authority and responsibility is best saved for when things are running smoothly.  In the meantime, we encourage all of our members and readers of all political parties to contact their elected officials in Washington and tell them to cut out all of non-relevant spending that is bogging down the stimulus plan.

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