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National Debt

Stimulus Plan Needs Fine Tuning

  • January 27, 2009

    The stimulus plan proposed by President Obama has the potential for turning into a Democratic wish list of projects that fail the necessity test, a problem the president is rightfully trying to fix.

    At around $825 billion, the stimulus plan has no room for non-critical spending such as money for Planned Parenthood or the National Endowment for the Arts, which while some see as valuable resources, will not help jump-start the economy in the slightest.

    And while there has been an explosion of talking heads feigning indignation about how non-taxpayers may receive funding under the president’s proposal, they were eerily quiet when President Bush’s stimulus plan did the SAME EXACT THING.  As you may recall, under President Bush’s policy, dependents earned a $300 tax rebate even though they most likely had never held a job (not many two-year olds in the job place), and therefore almost certainly had never paid taxes.

    Giving money away, such as in either President Bush’s or Obama’s stimulus plans, is an ill-advised policy that provides for a temporary increase in spending at best, followed by a return to normalcy and a huge bill to foot.  However, we owe it to ourselves to draw our own conclusions about the effectiveness of proposals through studying the issues and not relying on the opinions of persons only offering criticism and hoping for failure.

    If any spending is to take place, it needs to be multi-faceted to ensure that it truly has the desired affect of restoring our economy.  Focusing on work projects such as infrastructure is one such example in that it:

    1. Builds and repairs our deteriorating roads and bridges providing a tangible benefit to society.
    2. Creates jobs that increase income which increase spending and therefore the tax base.
    3. Uses materials and supplies that lead to more production that then also creates more jobs, more income, and increases the tax base.

    Any stimulus plan is an incredibly risky proposal that, with its high costs, can easily backfire and mire us further into debt and financial disorder.  In exchange for such a gamble, we as citizens deserve to know that the money being risked is going towards measures that have the potential to extricate our economy from the downward spiral in which it is caught; Planned Parenthood is not such a measure.

    We encourage all of our members and readers to learn as much about this and other important issues and to draw their own conclusions.  If you agree with our assessments, please support our efforts and also contact your elected officials to make sure that any spending plan is focused solely on projects that will lift our economy back to its dominant position.

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