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National Debt

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

  • January 06, 2009

    While members of Congress derided the auto industry for lavish expenses (rightfully) and seem to be sounding the alarm of fiscal discipline (also rightfully), they are unceremoniously getting a $4,700 annual pay raise at taxpayer expense (wrongfully).

    Every year, members of Congress automatically receive a cost of living increase to their salaries unless they first pass legislation against it, and second, vote to pass the legislation.  Not suprisingly, legislation to stop this automatic increase fails to pass almost every year (it did, however, pass in 2007 as Democrats tried to make a good first impression) regardless of party control.

    At a time when Congress is handing out billions of dollars of taxpayer money to corporations and institutions who have done little to deserve it, our elected officials should certainly be willing to sacrifice a little as the rest of us "commoners" have been doing with no end in sight.

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